CalTRUST is excited to announce that the transitions to BlackRock Financial Management for investment management services and U.S. Bank for custody services are now complete! The CalTRUST funds, including our new BlackRock government and money market funds, are again open for trading.  Please note the following important changes:


  • The previous CalTRUST Participant Services phone number (888 prefix) is no longer active. For participant services, please contact me directly at (916) 650-8186 ( or Kyle Tanaka at (916) 650-8114 (
  • The existing Short- and Medium-Term funds remain in place.  The previous government and money market funds have been replaced with the following:
  • Transaction cut-off times have been updated to the following:
    • Short-Term Fund: 9:30am PST
    • Medium-Term Fund: 9:30am PST
    • FedFund: 1:00pm PST
    • TempFund: 11:00am PST
  • An updated transaction form can be accessed here.  Please note that for the month of July the wire instructions remain the same.  This is a redacted version of the form without the wire instructions, if you need the wire instructions please contact us directly so we can send securely.
  • Medium-Term Fund liquidity is now on a t+3 basis.  Whereas previously medium-term transactions could only be conducted on Wednesdays with five business days notice, they can now be transacted any day of the week with three business days notice.
  • Follow CalTRUST on Twitter @CalTRUST_JPA to stay up-to-date.
We will be completing the final transition to NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC/Gemini Fund Services to provide fund accounting and record keeping services on August 1st.  Later this month we will be holding webinars and offering in-depth user guides on the new online trading system that will be implemented as part of this transition.  The current participant access and online trading portal will remain in place through July.


The CalTRUST Transition Q&A that was previously sent can be found here.