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The California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA) was created in 1988, under California’s Joint Exercise of Powers Act, to provide California’s local governments with an effective tool for the timely financing of community-based public benefit projects. Currently, more than 530 cities, counties and special districts have become Program Participants to CSCDA – which serves as their conduit issuer and provides access to an efficient mechanism to finance locally-approved projects. To date, CSCDA has issued more than $70 billion in tax exempt bonds helping local governments build community infrastructure, provide affordable housing, create jobs, make access available to quality healthcare and education, and more.

The Nationwide Retirement Solutions program is the largest deferred compensation program in the country for county employees. In California, over 90,000 county employees save for their retirement using this flexible, cost-effective employee benefit program. This program is the only one with a national oversight committee consisting of elected and appointed county officials who are plan participants. Additionally, an advisory committee comprised of California county officials provides additional feedback and oversight for this supplemental retirement program. Currently 34 counties in California have chosen Nationwide to help their employees save for retirement.

The Investment Trust of California (CalTRUST) is a JPA established by public agencies in California for the purpose of pooling and investing local agency funds – operating reserves as well as bond proceeds. CalTRUST offers the option of five accounts to provide participating agencies with a convenient method of pooling funds – a liquidity fund, a government fund, a short-term, and a medium-term, and a new ESG compliant money market fund. Each account seeks to attain as high a level of current income as is consistent with the preservation of principle. This program is a great option to diversify investments!

California Coverage & Health Initiatives (CCHI) is a statewide outreach and enrollment network, whose efforts ensure that all California’s families are able to easily and effectively navigate into health coverage and other health services. The association includes local outreach and enrollment organizations and Children’s/Community Health Initiatives (CHIs) in 44 counties across California, representing areas where 95% of the state’s population resides. Collectively, CCHI member and partner organizations have insured more than 167,000 previously uninsured children through locally funded and administered Healthy Kids programs. With firsthand experience and success enrolling children into public programs, such as Medi-Cal and Healthy Families the members of CCHI have shown that coverage for all children in California is a necessary goal and attainable goal.

Formed by the CSAC Finance Corporation, Easy Smart Pay is a platform built to modernize and simplify the process of paying government. ESP is a complementary bill pay service focused on providing automatic monthly payments to taxpayers for their property tax at the lowest industry rates.In addition to the partnership with the CSAC Finance Corporation, Easy Smart Pay partners with the NACo Financial Services Corporation and the California School Board Association. This program is currently being used in 28 of the 58 California counties and is now available for all counties to onboard.

The Personal Lines Insurance Program (PLIP) provided by PRISM offers employees of PRISMmembers access to practical group savings on everyday insurance coverages. Available to alleligible PRISM members and their employees, council, commissioners and retirees, there is asolution and savings for many participants. The coverages provided include Automobile, PetInsurance, Homeowners, Renters, Excess Liability/Umbrella to all the employees (includingretirees), Condominium, Scheduled Personal Property, Recreation Vehicles, Watercraft, RV,Rental Properties, and more. Each public entity participating in a PRISM benefit programreceives service support from a dedicated program management team.

The Accelerated Municipal Payment (AMP) Program, administered by Municipal Finance &Services Corporation (MFSC), is a non-third-party accounts payable program provided to local government agencies at no cost to the local agency. Through the AMP Program vendors are paid in an expedited fashion by MFSC, typically within 72 hours from invoice approval, resulting in enhanced cash flow for both the local agency and its participating vendors. Local agencies also benefit from a streamlined and efficient accounts payable system and not having to pay against the invoice themselves until typically 60 days from MFSC’s payment of the invoice. The AMP Program’s accounts payable, document, and data management system not only prompt expedited payments to vendors but also afford the agency improved efficiency and transparency. The service also includes courtesy services that increase vendor diversity and participation. Vendor participation in the AMP Program is voluntary and there fore allows flexibility to vendors.

Procure America provides its clients with analytics and strategies that result in greater performance at lower costs. By leveraging decades of industry experience, Procure America generates an average savings of 34%, all while increasing operational efficiency, vendor accountability, and service levels. Procure America’s experts have deep, industry-specific experience and will analyze all aspects of the supplier relationship-contractual, operational and invoice compliance. Knowledge, information and focus delivers results.


The California Cannabis Authority is a Joint Powers Authority established by county governments to develop and manage a statewide data platform. The platform will assist local governments that are regulating commercial cannabis activity by consolidating data from different channels into one resource to help local governments ensure maximum regulatory and tax compliance. In addition, the platform can help to facilitate financial services to the cannabis industry by linking willing financial institutions with interested businesses, and by providing critical data to ensure that all transactions and deposits are from legal transactions. As Counties look at establishing or revising their cannabis licensing and taxing structure, CCA should be among the resources used to ensure a successful and robust regulatory program.”

The Coast2Coast Discount Prescription Card is available at no-cost to the county or taxpayers and will save county residents up to 75% on brand name and generic prescription drugs. The Coast2Coast program is already being used by over 35 counties in California. Not only does it offer savings to users, your county will receive $1.25 from Coast2Coast for every prescription filled by a cardholder.

CSAC FC has partnered with the California School Board Association (CSBA) to bring the GAMUT platform to California Counties and other public agencies that allows for a virtual meeting minutes record keeping that conforms with the Brown Act. Agencies are able to use this simple yet robust software for meetings and policies as well as provide immediate public access and translates in more than 100 languages. The platform incorporates the needs of a virtual meeting environment with online voting and remote board access. Agencies can purchase the entire suite or select the module that best suits their governance team’s needs.

 The CSAC FC and Synoptek have partnered to offer a human firewall training program and fraud assessment. The human firewall program is a training program whereby a comprehensive approach is initiated that integrates baseline testing, using mock attacks, engaging interactive web-based training, and continuous assessment through simulated phishing attacks to build amore resilient and secure organization. Synoptek offers a wide range of security technology offerings to aid your county in remaining vigilant and secure.

CashVest® by three+one provides Data. Not Opinions. A liquidity data tool for the public sector & higher Ed to execute borrowing, investing, and cash management decisions with more confidence and greater ease.

Treasury Curve was founded by a team of financial and technology innovators all-too-familiar with the pain treasury professionals face each day: How to efficiently manage both cash and investments, maximize idle cash and ensure compliance within strict investment policies. The result is a total solution designed to help you optimize your treasury, while giving you precious time back to optimize other areas in your finance and treasury areas.

Public Surplus is the best government surplus auction system available. Find great deals on heavy equipment, cars, buses and even airplanes. This system was created with unique capabilities specifically for public agencies, making it much more than an auction site. The services we offer to both buyers and sellers is of the highest quality with a strong focus on customer care.