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CSCDA: Workforce Housing Program

Thursday, March 18th @ 11:00am PST

The California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA)’s Workforce Housing Program Provides Rent Relief for California’s Middle-Income Residents

State leaders, as well as individual cities and counties have also recognized a serious shortage of workforce housing for those that have been termed the “missing middle”, individuals and families that earn too much to qualify for traditional affordable housing, but not enough to afford market rate rents in the communities where they work. Workforce housing (sometimes referred to as middle-income or moderate-income housing) is housing for individuals and families typically earning between 80% and 120% of the area median income.  Unfortunately, workforce housing for the “missing middle” is not eligible for tax credits, private activity bonds or most other federal, state or local government subsidies.  Through CSCDA’s Workforce Housing Program, government bonds are issued to acquire market-rate apartment buildings. These properties are then converted to income and rent-restricted units for moderate/middle income households throughout California.

CSCDA is a joint powers authority founded and sponsored by the League of California Cities (“League”) and the California State Association of Counties (“CSAC”).  CSCDA was created by the League and CSAC in 1988 to enable local government and eligible private entities access to low-cost, tax-exempt financing for projects that provide a tangible public benefit, contribute to social and economic growth and improve the overall quality of life in local communities throughout California.  CSCDA is comprised of more than 530 cities, counties and special districts and has issued more than $65 billion in bonds across its diverse public benefit financing programs

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CSAC Coffee Connect – 2021 and the Shifting Landscape for Renewable Energy Policy
Wednesday, March 24th @ 11:00am PST

Both 2020 and 2021 thus far seem to be years that will be featured in the history books, particularly in the realm of policy.

Join us in this virtual event to learn about policies related to your County and renewable energy procurement.

Hosted by the California State Association of Counties, this webinar featuring ForeFront Power and SPURR will put you in-the-know about the latest developments on the following:

How do recent changes at the federal level impact decisions California counties might be looking to make regarding renewable energy?
What are the anticipated changes to California’s Net Energy Metering program, and how can my County stay ahead?
Are there incentives available to help my County prepare for what is likely to be another concerning wildfire season?
and more

The conversation will be one that you won’t want to miss.

Reserve your spot today! We’ll get the coffee brewing.

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Can Counties and Cities get Along? EIFDs are a Start presented by Kosmont Companies

Date TBD

It’s a new era of local government cooperation; it starts with Tax Increment Financing sharing through an Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD). This relatively new tool has sprouted 3 EIFDs consisting of counties and cities who voluntarily joint ventured their property tax increment to induce transit-oriented development, housing and many other community amenities including parks and roadways. Learn how these unique local partnerships are put together and operate. Hear directly from County and City Officials on how they evaluated the decision to create a Public Financing Authority to manage the EIFD activities and deliver community benefits and improvements over time.

Speakers include:

Larry Kosmont, Chairman and CEO, Kosmont Companies

Three+One educational series

Dates TBD

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Past Webinars

Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) – Strategies for Rapid Implementation A playbook and digital solution for efficient and compliant program implementation 

Presented by Witt O’Brien

Wednesday, February 10th @ 11:00am PST

Witt O’Brien’s and Unqork, in partnership with CSAC, are hosting a webinar focused on ERAP implementation strategies and solutions to meet Federal and state compliance. The webinar will address the following:

  • Community assessment/outreach
  • Program framework development
  • Software solutions (created for rapid deployment and Treasury compliance)
  • Call center/case management support
  • Application review/processing
  • Reporting

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CSAC Finance Corporation presents cashvest by threeplusone

Thursday, January 7th @ 11:00am PST

Cashvest by threeplusone provides a new and unparalleled level of liquidity analysis and data services for local, county, school district and community college governing bodies. It uses proprietary algorithms to produce data-driven analysis and time-horizon evaluations that are applied to generate maximum value on current cash deposits.

Presentation Slides

Recording Link

Market Update & 2021 Preview

Tuesday, December 8th @ 12:00pm PST

Please join CalTRUST as they provide their final Market Update webinar of 2020. Ludwig Marek, Managing Director – Head of US Fixed Income Short Duration Product Strategy at BlackRock, will review our current market environment and what it means for our CalTRUST Funds’ positioning. We’ll also offer a glimpse into BlackRock’s outlook on 2021.

This session will be held in conjunction with the CSAC Finance Corporation and attendees can receive 1.0 continuing education hours for participating. As always, the webinar is offered at no-cost and is available to both existing Shareholders as well as any public agency who does not already invest with CalTRUST.

Engineered Infection Protection (EIP) for County Facilities with SitelogIQ

Thursday, December 3rd @ 11:00am PST

Learn how your County can help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in your facilities.  Best of class technologies available that can effectively irradiate 99.4% of the COVID-19 causing virus with lowest first cost and lowest operating cost.  Learn how to significantly reduce operating costs through intelligent facility and infrastructure upgrades to hedge against declining revenues in such unprecedented times.

How San Benito and Tuolumne County Modernized End-To-End Budgeting

Wednesday, December 2nd @ 11:00am PST

San Benito County transformed their budgeting process from start to finish to optimize for efficiency, collaboration, and the usefulness of the finalized budget. With the right combination of vision, stakeholder buy-in, and technology, the County saved valuable time throughout the process and finished by printing the County’s first online interactive budget book.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How San Benito and Tuolumne County transformed their budgeting process in alignment with their vision
  • How the Counties handled change management, and what value the new process brought their team
  • The value of their online interactive budget book
  • Best practices they learned along the way

Maximizing Federal Assistance: Seeking, Obtaining and Using CARES Act & Federal Assistance Funds

Friday, November 13th @ 11:30am PST

As counties have developed a more comprehensive picture of their funding needs related to COVID-19, accessing federal assistance programs for potential reimbursement will be key. Join the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) and experts from Witt O’Brien’s for part II of the Maximizing Federal Assistance webinar series. Now that the State of California has issued guidelines for the Treasury Funding under the CARES Act, Witt O’Brien’s experts will expand on Treasury Funding Guidelines, outline the steps you should take in anticipation of utilizing funds, and share key insights on other sources of funding to pursue to ensure your county is maximizing cost recovery opportunities.

Featured topics:
1. Strategy – Assessment, Implementation, Compliance
2. Procurement and Documentation Best Practices
3. Bridging The Financial Gap With Other Funding Opportunities

CalTRUST Webinar- Investment Terminology 101 and Market Update

Tuesday, October 20th @ 11:00am PST

Please join CalTRUST as they provide an educational webinar reviewing basic investment terminology to help you and your teams better understand investment reports. As they navigate through a discussion on terms such as net asset value, total return, 30 day SEC yield, weighted average life, and more they will apply these terms to the current market environment and weave in a market update to help you not only brush up on the terms but understand how their asset management team at BlackRock sees each of them related to the current market environment.

This session will be held in conjunction with the CSAC Finance Corporation and attendees can receive 1.0 continuing education hours for participating. As always, the webinar is offered at no-cost and is available to both existing Shareholders as well as any public agency who does not already invest with CalTRUST.


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How Counties in California can simplify solar and energy storage procurement process through SPURR.

Thursday, October 15th @ 11:00am PST

ForeFront Power will cover different County procurement options (pros and cons) for simplifying solar and energy storage. They will show how to leverage an existing, state-wide RFP to secure market-leading rates and pre-negotiated contracts. They will explain how REAP with ForeFront Power SPURR works and how Counties can take advantage immediately. They will also review two county case studies, San Luis Obispo and Fresno County projects. In addition to simplifying the procurement process, their solar and storage projects offer turnkey energy solutions with no upfront costs for the County, fixed and flat electricity rates, value of federal tax credits, and operations and maintenance included.

A recording of this webinar is available here.

P3’s for Counties: An Efficient Project Delivery

Thursday, September 17th @ 11:30am PST

This webinar will serve as an educational session on the pivotal role Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) can play in fast tracking construction of municipal projects, to include private financing, design-build, and maintenance options. The session will be interactive, enabling conversation with a leading group of experts. Discussion will focus on project suitability, value for money analysis that includes a public sector comparator of traditional delivery, launching a procurement process, developing a project agreement, preparing for success, project bundling, establishing performance requirements and other factors necessary when considering a P3 delivery approach for your municipal project or projects. PBBC firms participating in the workshop will include concessionaires, developers, architects/engineers, contractors, legal and financial advisors, and other public officials.

A recording of this webinar is available here.


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Engage your employees in their health with Rally!

Wednesday, September 2nd @ 11:00am PST

Join us for an overview on employee engagement and health program promotion! This session will cover thoughtful and engaging ways of capturing health information used to provide your employees areas of improvement, and personalized recommendations across many health actions. We will cover everything from registration, to challenges, program promotion, rewards and ways to promote your high impact health management tools in an engaging way.

Your presenter will be Brian Oss, Vice President of Solution Consulting at Optum/Rally Health. Brian has been leading platform consulting for Optum and Rally for almost a decade and has been a leader in the consumer engagement and loyalty space for 25 years across many industries, including financial services and retail and professional sports.

A recording of this webinar is available here.


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COVID-19 Adaptation & Recovery: Strategies for Leveraging Local Revenue, Federal Grants & Cost Containment

Thursday, August 20th @ 11:00am PST

In these unprecedented times, counties and municipalities need innovative and strategic options for leveraging resources to adapt and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Join KPMG for a discussion on recommended tactics for aligning federal COVID-19 funding relative to unmet and emerging needs, unlocking revenue from retailored and new economic opportunities, and instituting cost containment and other resiliency measures to maintain critical social, justice, public health, and infrastructure centered programming and assets.

Slides are available to view here.

AON Empowered Decision Making: Using Modeling Tools & Best Practices to Respond to Dynamic Conditions

Thursday, July 23, 2020 @ 1:00 pm PST

In this interactive session, the Aon team will share insights to help public sector entities navigate the COVID-19 landscape. In addition to providing real-time COVID-19 impact results, Aon will share a preview of our solutions to help public sector entities in California leverage data to make strategic decisions surrounding workforce, including benefits costs, time off, and paid leave. The session will also offer clinical insights from Aon’s Chief Medical Officer and best practices for returning to the workplace.

Slide are available to view HERE

Coffee with CalTRUST 

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 @ 11:00am PST

Learn about the CalTRUST features and funds including:
– CalTRUST 101
– CalTRUST Fund LineUp and Current Positioning
– Market Update by BlackRock

This webinar is a great opportunity for existing shareholders to invite their staff or elected officials to learn about CalTRUST as well as for those agencies that don’t already participate with CalTRUST to learn about the funds and features that CalTRUST offers.

Thank you to BlackRock for providing CalTRUST investment management services and education programs!

Slide are available to view HERE

Health Data for COVID Recovery Decision Making – A Snapshot of Anthem’s C19 Explorer Tool

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Learn about Anthem’s new C19 Explorer dashboard that uses a unique breadth of localized data to support citizens and leaders as they navigate recovery in a COVID-19 era.  C-19 Explorer is available to the public, elected, and appointed officials in an effort to strengthen data-driven decision-making using the most up-to-date health data. In a rapidly changing environment, access to critical data drives effective recovery for community, economic and social health. The C19 Explorer creates powerful visualizations of actionable metrics tailored to the local level.

A recording of this webinar is available here.


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Jobs, Skills and the Future of Work

Thursday, May 21, 2020

CSAC and LinkedIn hosted a webinar Thursday, May 21, focusing on “Jobs, Skills and the Future of Work.”  The session discussed employment and economic recovery in California due to COVID-19. The session leveraged real-time data from LinkedIn for the State of California to help advise economic recovery and assist job seekers in our counties.

An audio recording of this webinar is available here.

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Accessing the $2 Trillion Recovery Fund for COVID-19: How to Prepare Your County for FEMA Disaster Declaration Reimbursement

Friday, April 10, 2020

CSAC joined with our Corporate Partner Witt O’Brien’s to present on how to access the $2 trillion recovery fund for COVID-19. The webinar highlighted first steps for counties in need of a plan for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reimbursements. Featured topics included key deadlines, documentation and reimbursable costs.

A recording of this webinar is available here.

PDF of Webinar Q&A