The CSAC Finance Corporation has joined with the National Association of Counties Financial Services Center (NACo FSC) to develop the California Local Government Debt Offset (CalTRECS) program to help counties collect outstanding debts in a timely, cost-effective manner. The CalTRECS debt offset service allows counties and other local governments to compile and submit their delinquencies of $10 or more for offset against pending state personal income tax refunds and lottery winnings.

In concert with the CSAC Finance Corporation, NACo FSC provides and maintains the centralized automation and back office systems needed to transmit and process debts through the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB). Services include a SSN lookup and validation function, an automated voice response system for debtor queries, and a toll-free helpline for technical assistance to the counties.

This program will improve collection efficiencies for those counties currently using the FTB offset service and can assist those counties not using the service to maximize debt collection through offset. CalTRECS will act as a vendor on behalf of the county to receive and process debts through the FTB’s existing offset program.

The local government bears no additional costs for this service—the local government imposes a $25 local collection assistance fee on the debtor and CalTRECS will add the $25 to the debt amount if an offset occurs.

Please contact Jim Manker, CSAC FC Director of Business Development, for more information and to enroll in the program. 916-650-8107 Email Jim

Please also see below for important information about the program.